Costa Rica Weather

Costa Rica is a small country situated north of the equator. It experiences a diverse and wide-ranging temperate tropical climate manifested by two seasons, the dry and the wet. Though this country is around the vicinity of the equator, Costa Rica has no real winter or summer period, and it is sunny there most of the time. The sun rises early at around 5 am, and usually sets about 6 pm constantly the whole time of the year, which makes up almost 12 hours of sunshine each more »

The climate of Costa Rica is tropical year-round. Temperatures remain relatively constant throughout the year, and the seasons are indicated by the level of precipitation.

The temperature and amount of rain varies by elevation. Higher up, in the mountains, you'll see cooler temperatures and more rain. By the coast, the weather is warmer and more humid.

The weather in Costa Rica has two distinct seasons -- dry and more »




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