Costa Rica Activities and Attractions

The beautiful and exotic country of Costa Rica sits in between Panama and Nicaragua in the heart of Central America. Just over 19,700 sq miles in area, this tiny nation has the distinction of being called 'one of the most biodiverse places on earth' by the National Geographic magazine. Encompassing just 0.1% of the planet's surface, which is roughly smaller than the state of West Virginia, Costa Rica is home to over 5% of the world's biodiversity. Another unknown fact about this tiny country is that in terms of species per 10,000 sq km, Costa Rica sits atop the list with 615 wildlife species.

One of the most peaceful and politically stable countries in the Americas with no standing army, Costa Rica is a nature wonderland for those who are looking for fun and excitement. The ideal place if one just wants to relax on the beach and chill or explore the crater of a dormant volcano; Costa Rica is the place to be! Now among the premier destinations in the world for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts alike, there is never a dull moment here with so much to do and even more to more »




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